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Imagine waking up every day powered by the sun – a power source that’s abundant, clean, and completely free! With our solar solutions, this dream can be your reality. Switching to solar doesn’t just mean savings on your energy bills, it means taking control of your own energy use, and doing your bit for our precious planet. Our panels are easy to install, reliable, and will blend seamlessly into your home design. They aren’t just an investment in your home, they’re an investment in a brighter, greener future for you and your loved ones. So why wait? Join the solar revolution today and enjoy the sunny side of life!

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Store Your Power With A Solar Battery!

Maximize your solar system’s efficiency with our advanced solar battery. It stores excess energy for use during off-peak hours, enhancing your energy independence and reducing reliance on the grid. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also bolsters your contribution to a more sustainable, eco-friendly energy solution. Embrace the full potential of solar power, day and night, with our reliable and efficient solar battery.

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John & Mary
John & Mary
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We had our solar panels fitted by Affinity Solar Solutions last summer, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. The team was professional, friendly, and answered all our questions. We've seen a significant decrease in our energy bills and it feels great knowing we're doing our bit for the environment. We highly recommend Affinity Solar Solutions to anyone considering going solar!
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I was initially apprehensive about the cost of solar installation, but the team at Affinity Solar Solutions showed me how the savings on my energy bills would offset the cost. I saved about £2,000 on the installation and have seen a 40% reduction in my energy bills. Affinity Solar Solutions was the right choice for me, no doubt.
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I wanted to get the most value for my property on the run up to selling it. Affinity Solar Solutions provided me with an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Their customer service was top-notch, guiding me through the process from start to finish. The installation was quick and the quality of the panels is excellent. Now, my house is not only worth more, but it also costs less to run. Thank you, Affinity Solar Solutions.
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So why choose Affinity Solar Solutions?

When you choose Affinity Solar Solutions, you’re not just buying solar panels – you’re investing in a long-term partnership. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation and design, right through to installation and maintenance.

We understand that every home is unique, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized solutions to suit your specific needs without any worries about installation quality or unexpected costs. Our 10-year workmanship warranty ensures that your solar system will be installed with the highest degree of expertise and care. And with our 0% VAT offer on installations, we ensure that the transition to solar is not just environmentally-friendly, but also financially smart.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by allowing particles of light, or photons, to knock electrons free from atoms, which generates a flow of electricity. This is based on the photovoltaic effect. Here are the key steps in the process:

  1. Absorption of Sunlight: Each solar panel is made up of many smaller units called photovoltaic cells, usually made of silicon. When sunlight hits these cells, it’s absorbed by the silicon.

  2. Generation of Electron Flow: The absorbed light energy knocks electrons loose in the silicon. The structure of the silicon and the use of additional elements in the cell create an electric field that pushes these loose electrons in a directional current.

  3. Capture of Electricity: Metal conductive plates on the sides of the cells collect the electrons and transfer them to wires.

  4. Conversion to Usable Power: The resulting electricity is in the form of direct current (DC), which needs to be converted to alternating current (AC) for most home uses. This is accomplished using an inverter.

The result is usable electricity that can power your home. And the great part is that as long as sunlight is hitting the solar panels, this process keeps happening, providing a renewable source of energy.

Do solar panels work when there is no sun?

Solar panels require sunlight to generate electricity, so they do not produce power in the absence of light, such as during the night. However, on cloudy or overcast days, solar panels can still produce electricity, albeit at a reduced rate compared to clear, sunny conditions.

Furthermore, many solar power systems are connected to the grid, and excess power produced during sunny periods is fed back into the grid. This can offset electricity consumed at night or during less sunny periods, effectively allowing solar power users to draw on the power they’ve generated even when their panels aren’t actively producing electricity.

Alternatively, some solar systems are equipped with battery storage, which stores excess power generated during the day for use during the night or on cloudy days. This can provide a source of power when the panels themselves are not generating electricity, making solar energy more consistent and reliable.

In summary, while solar panels themselves do not work without sunlight, systems can be designed to provide power even during these times using either grid connection or battery storage.

Are solar panels suitable for every home?

While solar panels can be installed on most homes, there are several factors that can influence their effectiveness:

  1. Sunlight Exposure: Solar panels are most effective in areas that receive a lot of sunlight throughout the year. If a property is in a location that frequently has overcast or rainy conditions, the effectiveness of solar panels may be reduced.

  2. Roof Orientation and Angle: The orientation and angle of a home’s roof can greatly affect the performance of solar panels. In the northern hemisphere, a south-facing roof is typically best. The optimal angle for the panels depends on the latitude, but is often around 30-40 degrees.

  3. Roof Condition and Size: The roof needs to be in good condition and large enough to install the number of panels required to generate the desired amount of electricity. Older roofs might need to be repaired or replaced before installing solar panels to avoid having to remove and reinstall the panels to carry out roof work later.

  4. Shading: Large trees, tall buildings, or other structures that cast shade on the roof can significantly reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

  5. Local Regulations: Some areas may have regulations or homeowner association rules that restrict the installation of solar panels. It’s important to check local regulations before installing solar panels.

  6. Cost and Payback Period: The initial cost of installing solar panels can be quite high, although many jurisdictions offer incentives that can help offset this cost. The savings on electricity bills over time will eventually cover the initial investment, but it’s important to calculate the payback period to ensure it makes financial sense.

Therefore, while solar panels can technically be installed on any home, they are not necessarily suitable for every home. A site assessment by a professional can help determine if solar panels would be a good fit for a specific property.

How eco-friendly are solar panels?

Solar panels are a highly eco-friendly option for power generation. They tap into the sun’s energy, an abundant and renewable resource, to produce electricity without releasing harmful greenhouse gases. Once installed, they operate quietly with minimal impact on the surrounding environment, contributing to energy independence, particularly beneficial for remote areas. While there are environmental costs associated with the manufacturing, installation, and disposal of solar panels, these are often outweighed by their long-term benefits. Modern solar panels typically recoup the energy used in their production within 1-4 years, and despite a gradual decrease in efficiency, they can effectively serve for 25-30 years or more. Additionally, advancements are continuously being made in the sector, further improving the production, efficiency, and recyclability of solar panels, making them an increasingly sustainable choice for power generation.

Is planning permission needed to install a solar PV system?

In the UK, you usually don’t need planning permission to install solar panels on your home if the installation adheres to specific conditions. The solar installation is typically considered “permitted development” which doesn’t require planning permission.

However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local council before installing solar panels, as some areas might have different requirements, especially if you live in a listed building or a conservation area. Always ensure you adhere to the local rules and regulations to avoid any issues in the future.

How long does it take to install a solar PV system?

The time it takes to install a typical residential solar PV system can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the system, the condition of your roof, weather conditions, and the experience of the installation company.

However, as a general guideline, the physical installation of the solar panel system at Affinity Solar Solutions – which involves mounting the panels on the roof and connecting them to your home’s electrical system – usually takes 1 to 3 days for a typical home.

Please note that the total time from decision, to having a working solar system can be much longer. This includes time for site assessment, system design, obtaining any necessary permits or approvals, and scheduling the installation. This process can take several weeks to a few months.

After installation, the system may need to be inspected and connected to the grid, which can add additional time before it is operational. Depending on local regulations and the utility company, this can add days, weeks, or even a few months to the total timeline. Therefore, it’s always best to start the process well in advance of when you hope to have the system running.

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