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Michael & Linda

Client Details


Michael and Linda


Dorset, UK


Homeowners, retired couple

Solar Panel Installation Details

Type and Size

5 kWp polycrystalline solar panel system

Installation Date

March 2022

Financial Aspects


£8,500 (including installation)


Approximately £550 annually on energy bills

Return on Investment

Expected ROI in about 12 years

Experience and Satisfaction

Expectations vs Reality

Expected energy independence, but were pleasantly surprised by significant financial savings and ease of use.


The system generates more than 80% of their total electricity needs annually.  

Service & Support

Impressed with the provider’s professionalism and post-installation support.


Environmental Benefits

Contributed to reducing carbon emissions, aligning with their environmental values.

Property Value

An estimated increase in property value by around 2%, in line with local trends.

Community Influence

Inspired several friends and neighbours to consider solar energy.


Michael and Linda are extremely satisfied with their decision to install solar panels. They’ve not only experienced significant financial savings but are also proud of the environmental impact they’re contributing to. With the system generating over 80% of their electricity needs annually and a noticeable increase in their property value, they’ve seen first hand the long-term benefits of solar energy. They strongly recommend solar panel installation to other homeowners, especially those looking to make a positive environmental impact while enjoying financial returns.