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John and Sarah H

Client Details


John and Sarah H.


Dorset, UK


Homeowner, Family of Four

Solar Panel Installation Details

Type and Size

4 kWp monocrystalline solar panel system  

Installation Date

June 2021

Financial Aspects


4 kWp monocrystalline solar panel system  


June 2021

Return on Investment

Expected 5-7 Years

Experience and Satisfaction

Expectations vs Reality

Expected moderate savings, but the actual savings exceeded their expectations, especially during the summer months.


The system generates approximately 75% of their total electricity needs annually.  

Service & Support

Excellent experience with the provider, including a detailed explanation of how to maximize savings and regular maintenance checks. 


Environmental Benefits

Reduction in carbon footprint, contributing to a greener lifestyle.  

Property Value

An estimated increase in property value by 1.5%, based on local real estate trends.

Community Influence

Two neighbours installed solar panels after seeing their positive experience.  


John and Sarah initially were hesitant about the upfront cost of solar panel installation. However, after a year of use, they realized not only the financial benefits through reduced energy bills but also the positive environmental impact. The increased value of their property was an added bonus. They were particularly impressed with the performance of their system during the summer and the professional service provided by the installation company. Their experience has encouraged others in their community to consider solar panels, and they feel proud to be part of a growing movement towards sustainable energy solutions in Dorset.