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Emma & Raj

Client Details


Emma and Raj


Dorset, UK


Homeowners, a young professional couple with two children

Solar Panel Installation Details

Type and Size

6 kWp thin-film solar panel system

Installation Date

August 2022

Financial Aspects


£9,000 (including installation)


Estimated £600 annually on energy bills

Return on Investment

Expected ROI in about 11 years

Experience and Satisfaction

Expectations vs Reality

Initially wary of the cost, but delighted by the energy efficiency and savings.


Consistently provides about 85% of their home's electricity needs.

Service & Support

Impressed with the thoroughness and customer care provided by GreenTech Solar Solutions.


Environmental Benefits

Passionate about reducing their environmental footprint and teaching their children about sustainability.

Property Value

Noticed a marked increase in property interest, estimating a property value boost of about 2.5%.

Community Influence

Their positive experience has sparked interest among friends and neighbors.


Emma and Raj are very happy with their decision to go solar, emphasizing the significant impact it has had on both their finances and lifestyle. As a young family, they’ve found the solar panels to be a smart investment, providing about 85% of their home’s electricity and significantly reducing their energy bills. Beyond the financial gains, they’re passionate about the environmental benefits and the opportunity to teach their children the value of sustainability. Their positive experience has not only enhanced their home life but also sparked interest in solar energy among their community.